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Finding Individuality in Fashion

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Trend is everywhere, and whether people are window shopping on the high street or relaxing at home, pictures of lovely and slick girls wearing the hottest garments cannot help but penetrate into regular life. For many, modern day ladies trend has become generic and conformist, as women's clothes is sold cheaply, both online and on the high street. For those needing to include some character to their own design, it is crucial that you think outside the box instead of consistently follow the trend fads, instead making an effort to create some exceptional appearances.

Herself, Vivienne Westwood, has expressed that nothing has been done by low-cost clothes for trend, with high street shops flooding the market with thousands of similar bits, and pouring out low cost garments. What this means is that it is all too simple for people to purchase clothing that don't have any actual style, and offer nothing new or fresh to any appearance. Whilst dresses, tank tops and pants all may have now been inexpensive to purchase and are comfy to wear, for those attempting to make a statement, trend is frequently lost in translation.

Girls should examine their style in a fresh manner to give some actual character to high street trend. Rather than just purchasing quite a few bits from on-line clothing store or a high street retailer and coupling them collectively, accessories, one-off and customisations bits can be included with bring some life that was critical . By combining clothes purchased at little, independent outlets and high street shops, girls can create a look which no one else has. Additionally, using a combination of garments can, exceptional appearances brought without enormous expense.

With modern production significance into shops within just months and that women trend can flow off the catwalks, it is significant that people desiring to appear a little different from their counterparts, take steps to make changes which are exceptional. It is no good just mismatching clothes items from different shops, as whilst trend can vary in branding, it's generally much the same in design, colour or cut. What this means is that individuals needing women's clothes with a little something extra, should turn to vintage stores, independent fashion boutiques as well as charity shops, to help.

Fashion boutiques that are independent are as cheap as they seem, and girls could locate small, startup businesses who've exceptional products on the market which do not break the bank. A web-based clothing store that'sn't well known is the perfect spot to begin, and with lower overheads, businesses can regularly pass lower costs onto their customers. Meanwhile, you will find many classic shops which sell an enormous variety of accessories, tops and dresses. When it is paired with high street fashion each section has its history, and will immediately bring a character to any ensemble. Offer something unique to any wardrobe and classic stores also have a tendency to supply high quality pieces which are nicely priced. Dresses, coats, shoes and gowns can all be located at vintage shops, making shops incredibly rewarding for those needing to customise their appearance. Charity shops can be an excellent spot to try to find trend, as long as people are not unhappy to rummage. Here, the quality of goods can not be high, and it can require a particular amount of effort and time to discover a hidden jewel whilst many things are nicely priced. Nevertheless, charity factory outlets are perfect for finding accessories like scarves or costume jewellery, and the procedure for peeking through the stands will end up much more rapid as girls really get to know the shops in their own neighborhood.

Women trend does not have to be dull, and let their characters to shine through their clothing and girls desiring to create their own style, can do a lot. High street trend shouldn't be shunned in favour of other sources, as retailers are an excellent spot to locate inexpensive and in vogue things to form the foundation of any ensemble. Meanwhile, in addition they enable girls to purchase many pieces of colours or similar designs, in order that ensembles interchanged and can be created . Nevertheless, caution should be taken if women wish to develop their own appearance to prevent creating ensembles completely made from high street clothing. By utilising an assortment of trend sources, new and old can be brought together wonderfully, enabling historic things to compliment modern garments. And, by keeping with present styles whilst adding just a little turn in style, girls will fit into modern trend whilst radiating their own sense of beauty, style and character.

Rachael's Ultimate Guide to Choosing Sunglasses

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Summer is indeed creeping up on us and with the lighter mornings and evenings we're spending more time than the rest of the year being blinded by the low sun. After work yesterday I got myself some lovely Lipsy sunglasses. So what better time to compile a guide to choosing the best sunglasses to suit your face shape.

Plan to shield your eyes first and foremost. Excessive exposure to UV radiation can cause various issues for the eyes like cataracts, burns, and cancer.

If you want your own sunglasses to shield you from these threats, try to find pairs that block at least 99% of UVB rays and at least 95% of UVA rays. Also try to find the quantity of cover the shades supply. Look at how much it is possible to see around the frameworks––will the shades let in sunlight in the top or sides?

Have you been getting these shades for sports or spending considerable time outside? Pick ones with a fine close fit, perhaps with rubber handles on the arms. If they're for fishing or use on water, polarization is a must; polarized eyeglasses supply more sunlight protection.

Do not purchase shades if they are tagged as "aesthetic" or do not supply any info on UV protection. Search for scratch resistance, many lenses have quite delicate coatings. Should you be spending much cash, you need them to survive. Luckily damaged lenses can be replaced for most versions.


Sunglasses come in all sizes and shapes! Usually, discovering a contrast between your face contour and the framework contour can look great. For instance, if you've got a round face, more angular frameworks will function nicely, and if your face is more square, a rounder softer framework contour can look great. Here are several popular designs:

  • Mirrorshades - Mirrored coating on surface. Used a lot by police officers in the US. They generally come in a aviator or wraparound contour.
  • Aviators - Teardrop-shaped lens and thin alloy frameworks. Frequently used by pilots, military personnel, and law enforcement employees in the US. Great with any face shape, but best with an oblong contour.
  • Wayfarers/Spicolis - Popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Worn by Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany's.
  • Teashades - Popularized by John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne. They are not really capable of keeping light from the eyes, though.
  • Wraparounds - Connected with sport and extreme sports.
  • Oversize - Connected with models and movie stars. Glamorous, dear.

Use the contour of your face to enable you to decide your shades contour. This face contour fit to shades design is urged:

  • Oblong face: The egg-shaped kind generally has the "perfect face contour", and can wear any style of eyeglasses. Prevent frameworks which are either too thick or too lean. Do not select frameworks broader than your face width.
  • Square face: Because this face shape has quite straight, conspicuous jawline and borders, select round spectacles to balance out these characteristics. Make sure that the frames aren't overly thick. Attempt to pick broader shades and avoid rectangular spectacles with sharp corners.
  • Round face: A round face has more buxom cheeks and chin. Select polygonal or square shades that have an angle layout to balance this out. Look for thicker frameworks.
  • Long face: Select bigger lenses and the polygonal framework to change an extended face. Popular retro eyeglasses and sports spectacles can be considered.
  • Level face: Select darker lenses and frames to emphasize the contours of the face. Vibrant colours may also make expressions more vibrant!

Make sure that the sunglasses fit correctly. Try them on and be sure they do not crimp around your head. The weight should be equally spread between your ears and nose, and your eyelashes should not contact the frame or lenses. Eyeglasses should be your stand on the bridge of the nose and ears; if they feel inclined to one side, you must correct them. Moreover, use the measuring rule an "eyelash is less as opposed to lens".

  • If your shades do not fit nicely you can go to an eyewear shop to have them fixed.
  • Make sure the lens region isn't overly little, to ensure that it'll be capable to obstruct sun.

Choosing a Flattering Maxxi Dress

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Maxi dresses are one kind of dress that can fit any occasion, whether it's a casual bbq in sunlight or a more proper outdoor summer wedding. Some girls believe they cannot pull off this kind of appearance. In the end, floor-length dresses appear best on long and slender body types.

Nevertheless, that is definitely not accurate. With all these kinds of dresses out there, it's simple to locate a flattering maxi dress for any physique. Lipsy have a large selection of maxi dresses all year round to suit virtually all kinds of body types and shapes. Make sure you find a Lipsy Promotional Discount before you buy in order to save money.

By learning about different maxi dress fashions that look great on specific body types, buyers can make smart choice in regards to purchasing maxi dresses. Aside from cut and design, buyers also needs to consider other variables that make any dress seem even more flattering on their physique. Maxi dresses can be found from many shops, but eBay by far has among the biggest collections of things everywhere.


So what exactly is a Maxi dress?

A maxi dress is a kind of dress which is long, typically floor-length, and made with soft, free-flowing material. These dresses come in an extensive assortment of layouts, from flowery prints to solid colours, together with many styles, from halter dresses to bandeau tops. Most girls wear them as pregnancy dresses as they're comfy, but it's common to see them worn as summer dresses.


Maxi Dresses for Different Body Types

Most people believe that maxi dresses are limited to tall and willowy girls. While these do appear best on long and slender bodies, girls who've other body types shouldn't be fearful of wearing these wonderful dresses. There exists a maxi dress design for virtually every body type, including curvy girls, short girls, pear shape girls, boyish bodies, and busty girls.


Curvy or full bodies

Curvy girls should rejoice in their own natural shape. Girls with Marilyn Monroe-type bodies must not fret, as you'll find maxi dresses that showcase their curves. Fit-and-flare dresses with cinched waistlines show off that miniature midriff. Girls with total bodies should avoid lanky straps or other details that bring focus on problem areas, like brilliant sequins on the tummy or ruffles around the arm. Lane Bryant maxi dresses are perfect for plus size women who desire to look great and feel comfortable.


Short girls

Most tiny girls avoid maxi dresses like the plague and this does seem sensible. Some dresses overwhelm short frameworks, but that will not mean that short girls cannot wear these dresses. Wearing heels might help, but a front with a shorter cut shows off those pretty shoes. High waistlines are also a great idea, as these give the illusion of length. Ann Taylor Loft has a clothes line only for tiny girls and this brand carries maxi dresses in a variety of layouts.


Pear-shaped girls

Maxi dresses often overemphasize specific characteristics, which is a difficulty for women with big hips. Girls with pear shape bodies, nevertheless, don't have to avoid maxi dresses. The key here would be to draw focus from the underside part of the body. A maxi dress by having an embellished top, by way of example, keeps eyes focused on the top part of the body. Dresses with a light colored top and darker underside additionally help slim down hips. Banana Republic maxi dresses come in an extensive variety of layouts and prints that suit any kind of body, including pear shape.


Boyish bodies

Girls with fit bodies do not need to stress that maxi dresses make them seem even more boyish. With all these kinds and layouts, these girls can find a dress that satisfies their frameworks. Column-style dresses with narrow skirts can make fit bodies appear longer and more slender. Naturally willowy girls can show off toned arms and shoulders with a pipe dress or spaghetti straps. Many designers and brand names like Armani and Prada cater to girls of such body types and they could readily locate a dress that shows off their slender bodies.


Busty girls

Some women may believe ladies with large breasts are blessed, but those who are naturally busty might feel the reverse. Locating a dress that fits appropriate and will not make them seem overly busty can be tough, but that's why many big-breasted girls adore maxi dresses. The loose draping fits nicely on the top heavy frame. Nevertheless, busty girls should select particular styles that flatter their contour. By way of example, a dress with a V neck balances out the heavy top and shows off fragile collarbones. Cap-sleeved and dresses with thick straps may also be perfect, as these cover up bra straps and give additional support and boost. Diane von Furstenberg makes dresses in both classic wrap dress and other designs that flatter well endowed girls.

Other Factors When Purchasing Maxi Dresses

Aside from style and span, you'll find other factors buyers should think about before deciding a maxi dress. Matters like layout, accessories, and also wearing the right underwear will make a difference when wearing a maxi dress.



Maxi dresses come in almost unlimited colours and prints. Solid colours look great on just about any body type, although these are greatest for people that need to create an illusion of length. Daring and vibrant prints are particularly lovely in the summer, but tiny girls should stick to microprints like paisleys or polka dots. Curvy or full figured girls should avoid horizontal stripes, as these make the body appear broader.



Maxi dresses by themselves already seem overwhelming, so girls should be cautious and wear minimal accessories. Simple shoes are best for a comfortable appearance, but depending on the occasion, some of glittery sandals or platform high heel can jazz up a simple dress. Tiny girls should take little clutches or handbags, as too big hobo bags can overpower their frameworks. Some of earrings and a chunky necklace can immediately take that casual day look into night time.



Believe it or not, wearing the right underwear can make a maxi dress seem better yet. Strapless bras are essential for anyone wearing pipe or strappy dresses. For those wearing cleavage-baring or plunging necklines, a push-up bra helps make the chest line appear even more appealing. For skin-hugging skirts, a thong or no-seam panties gets rid of those visible panty lines.


Picking the Right Swimwear for Your Body Type

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Deciding on the best swimwear is crucial so that you just look good, feel great and get the most from the swim. A poor swimsuit can slow you down.

If you have a quick look at the Lipsy web site you will discover an assortment of distinct swimwear things to satisfy every one of the below body types. It’s significant you feel comfortable when going to the pool. The dress codes in many pools have now been relaxed to allow for added modesty and now it is possible to wear virtually anything you need - it’s always worth checking with your pool first though.

Do not forget to select your swimsuit based on end use. Women, it is pretty pointless purchasing a string bikini if you anticipate swimming laps or surfing, it will be floating away without you. Sports swimsuits may have added features to help with support, streamlining and relaxation, so check them out if you are thinking about doing more than keeping cool poolside on holiday.

If you have a short torso

If your system is short in proportion to your own legs, you'll need a swimsuit that gives the impression of litheness. Attempt a bikini with a halter top to accentuate the chest and shoulders. Couple this with bikini bottoms that sit low on the hips.

If you have a long torso

To present the impression of long legs, attempt a one-piece swimsuit or bikini with high-cut legs. High-cut legs shorten the torso and lengthen the legs.

If you're pear-shaped

To flatter a pear shape, try pairing a patterned and eyecatching bikini or tankini top with dim bottoms in a dark colour. Such a swimsuit will attract focus upwards, away from your hips and thighs.

If you have big breasts

If you've got a big chest subsequently select swimwear with inbuilt bra-style support. Look for a straight-across cut on top of your swimsuit with wide set straps to minimise your chest. You can purchase swimming costumes, tankinis and bikini tops with underwire for extra support.

If you have small breasts

To add curves and subtle cleavage to your modest chest, try to find a bikini top with triangle-shaped cups and a tie front. These attributes will add shape and the look of size to your own chest.

If you're plus-sized

To accentuate curves, seek out a fitted swimsuit with a defined waistline and a high percentage of Lycra/spandex. A high-cut leg will additionally reduce your legs and hips.

Generally speaking, a swimsuit in a darker colour could have an entire minimising effect. Black, strong reds and blues function nicely and are classic so wo’t go out of vogue.

If you have a large stomach

Some swimwear for girls like bikinis can fully show a jiggly abdomen, so choose a loose tankini. Make sure any one piece costumes are the perfect size (not too little) or this will emphasise your gut. The Shape Up and Tone Swimfit programme will allow you to to reduce fat stored around the belly.

If you have a boyish body

Attempt push up cups and twisted bandeaux to improve your cleavage. Purchase control materials, ruching and draping to create a waist. Wear boy shorts and low-leg briefs to add curves to your own hips.

My First Post

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Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog called Lipsy Promotional Discount. To find out a bit more aboout me and why I started this blog, please view the About me page. On this blog you will find updates on the latest fashion styles from Lipsy, as well as a few fashion tips and tricks and ways to save money either at the Lipsy checkoout or online at I've been working at Lipsy and in the fashion retail industry for a number of years now so I like to think I know a thing or two about it!

'til next time, take care :)

Rachael <3